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Against the Odds, Starting a Tech Business in France

PARIS — For a young entrepreneur starting a company in Paris, France’s business climate presents an array of daunting challenges.

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Law Facts Readers and Bots:

The authors of this blog have moved forward with out 3L directed research. Our project focuses on the economies of Brazil, Italy, and Sweden.

In Sweden, Italy, and Brazil the companies are either state-owned, formerly state owned, or owned by a couple of families. The float in the marketplace is usually small and securities laws are geared towards protecting minority shareholders.

We hope to answer a few questions with our project.

  • First, can or is Brazil looking to Sweden or Italy for guidance on how to draft and implement new securities laws for it’s emerging economy.
  • Second, are the equities markets in Brazil really places of raising capitol? Do the trends of IPOs in Brazil equate to reliance on an equity market for company financing?

The ideas are still really basic but that is where we are going. 

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An evening with Justice Cardozo. - Imgur

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Pearl Street.  A street sign made in DOT’s Maspeth sign shop, using the new Clearview font.

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This principle is of particular importance when applied to schoolteachers, for children learn as much by example as by exposition. It would be incongruous and futile to charge teachers with the task of embuing their students with an understanding of our system of constitutional democracy, while at the same time immunizing those same teachers from the need to respect constitutional protections.
New Jersey v. T.L.O. (1985) 469 U.S. 325, 354 [105 S.Ct. 733, 749, 83 L.Ed.2d 720]
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A letter to Kathryn Bigelow on Zero Dark Thirty's apology for torture

It may seem extreme to make comparison with this other great, but profoundly compromised film-maker, but there are real echoes. When Riefenstahl began to glamorize the National Socialists, in the early 1930s, the Nazis’ worst atrocities had not yet begun; yet abusive detention camps had already been opened to house political dissidents beyond the rule of law – the equivalent of today’s Guantánamo, Bagram base, and other unnameable CIA “black sites”. And Riefenstahl was lionised by the German elites and acclaimed for her propaganda on behalf of Hitler’s regime.

But the world changed. The ugliness of what she did could not, over time, be hidden. Americans, too, will wake up and see through Zero Dark Thirty’s apologia for the regime’s standard lies that this brutality is somehow necessary. When that happens, the same community that now applauds you will recoil.

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It’s a Sadistic Story, and France Wants It

France’s National Library is negotiating to buy the manuscript of “The 120 Days of Sodom,” the Marquis de Sade’s tale of rape, murder and torture, which Sade believed was lost in the storming of the Bastille.


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Does A Hip New Company Really Put That Spirit Into Contracts?

Republic Wireless, and a couple of companies such as that try to put a new gloss on Contracts.

The SEC has made a large push towards plain English. Although this movement has spread to other areas, it is important to look closely at the aims.

Plain English means language that a lay person, not a lawyer, can understand. A Plain English contract or statute encourages better consumption and understanding of the law by eliminating barriers of verbose or archaic word usage. 

Upon first glance Republic Wireless’s Terms of Service look like plain English and has a Hip, “lets get rid of the lawyers” tone.

Look closer and you find this

"republic wireless may, in republic wireless’ sole discretion, restore the Wireless Services to You and may condition such restoration upon satisfaction of such conditions as republic wireless determines necessary; 

Doesn’t look very plain English and the contract has cap-locked legalese throughout.

So maybe that cool company could be cooler in the way its writes its contracts….

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I think it is only proper we change the term for our “Assault/Attack Outlines,” the short outlines law student use on exams, to “Quick or Low Volume Outlines.” By changing the words around we can make them appear less scary without really doing anything substantively to the outline itself.
Law Student
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Jacob Rees-Mogg on English man’s house is a castle.

Excellent speech by Jacob Rees-Mogg on the origen of the Common Law with regards to search and security of property.